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Best Practices for Sharing Patient Data with Law Enforcement - On Demand

60-minute webinar discusses HIPAA compliance response to inappropriate arrest of Salt Lake City nurse and other new pressures to share PHI with law enforcement, including discussion of the effects of the immigration debate and battle against opioid epidemic.
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Our Price: $259.00
The Domino Effects of HIPAA/HITECH Policies & Enforcement on the Workforce -3 Webinar Series

This 3-webinar series explains how HIPAA and HITECH interact with employment laws and why worrying only about OCR and breaches is a big compliance mistake. Each webinar qualifies for 1 CE from IAPP.
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Our Price: $249.00
Managing Occupational Health Data Under Healthcare Reform and Privacy Laws

This webinar discusses how the protection of occupational health and safety records interacts with HIPAA requirements. It qualifies for 1.5 CEs from IAPP.

Our Price: $149.00
Confronting HIPAA & HITECH Vulnerabilities in Health Data Registries

National authorities discuss the peculiar issues that health registries pose in regard to health data security and privacy regulations.
The webinar qualifies for 1.5 CEs from IAPP

Our Price: $149.00
The Risky World Beyond HIPAA: Health Data Breaches and Class Action Law Suits

National authorities explore how class action attorneys decide to file
suit against healthcare organizations when breaches occur. This webinar
qualifies for 1.5 CEs from IACC.

Our Price: $149.00
Defending Your Organization's Name In the World of HIPAA

The webinar discusses when HIPAA Covered Entities and Business
Associates may use patient data to defend themselves when they are
attacked. The webinar qualifies for 1.5 CEs from IAPP.

Our Price: $149.00
Managing Mobile Medical Apps for HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

Participants are briefed on strategies for assessing and dealing with
the operational and compliance issues raised by mobile medical apps that may or may not be covered by HIPAA but may be covered by FTC, FDA or other regulatory agencies.

Our Price: $99.00
The Effects of the Supreme Court Rulings on Same-Sex Marriage on Patient Rights, and HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

This webinar explores how the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex
marriage affects the sharing of patient data under HIPAA and HITECH. The
webinar qualifies for 1 CE from IAPP.

Our Price: $99.00
The Practical Realities of Ransomware: Protecting Your Organization From Attack & Regulatory Enforcement

National authorities provide practical advice on dealing with the threat
of ransomware and how HIPAA and HITECH regulations apply to the
response to the danger. This webinar qualifies for 1 CE from IAPP.

Our Price: $99.00