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Headlines from the October 2017 Edition of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert
  • HHS Draft Strategic Plan Contemplates Tweaks to HIPAA
  • Consumer Groups Request to CPSC Implicates HIPAA
  • Agency Delays Don’t Deter Lawsuit
  • Patient Access to Records Still Mixed
  • HIPAA Firing Doesn’t Silence Whistleblowing
  • Court Slams Forged HIPAA Authorization
  • NIST Stresses C-Suite Involvement in Security
  • NIST Offers Guide to Recovering from Ransomware Attacks
  • OCR’s Minimum Cybersecurity Expectations
  • EHR Lawsuits on the Rise
  • HIPAA & Breach Enforcement Stats: Closer Look at Desktops

Headlines from the September 2017 Edition of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert
  • HIPAA Not a Tool to Fight Pro-Union Workers, Federal Appeals Court Rules
  • FDA Guidance on Device Interoperability Requires Attention to Security, EHRs
  • Patients Must OK Medical Device Rep Presence in Operating Room
  • Written Requests for Medical Records Is Not a Substitute for Warrants
  • Psych Privilege May Be Waived When Records Are Shared Elsewhere
  • EEOC Rules on Wellness Program Violate ADA, GINA
  • FDA Issues Guide on Use of Real World Data to Support Medical Device Approvals
  • OCR Warns Industry About HIPAA
  • A Closer Look at HITECH Breaches of Laptops and Portable Electronic Devices
Headlines from the August 2017 Edition of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert
  • Fetal Tissue Research Is Protected Speech in Public Records Case, Federal Appeals Court Says
  • Arkansas Abortion Law Stopped on Informational Privacy Grounds
  • Companies Ignore HIPAA Requirements on Subpoenas at Their Own Peril
  • OCR Wants Better Workforce Training
  • White House Commission on Opioids Wants Looser Privacy Rules on Substance Abuse
  • State HIV Law Enables Patient to Sue Over Health Data Disclosure
  • Healthcare Sees Lack of Claims Attachment Standard as a Burden
  • Tenn. Court Distinguishes Between Using, Accessing Data
  • A Closer Look at HITECH Breaches & Hacking/IT Incidents

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