About Melamedia, LLC

Melamedia LLC is an SBA-registered research company that publishes regulatory and business newsletters and white papers and produces cutting edge seminars and workforce training for healthcare and related industries. Our products and services also include strategic and policy research studies and reports that are tailored for federal and state governments as well as for business and regulatory organizations that seek to explore and explain the complicated healthcare environment.

In providing business executives and government policymakers with the entire healthcare picture from data privacy and security management to clinical R&D to worldwide pharmaceutical regulations, Melamedia LLC delivers the context and perspective required in these demanding times.

Our audio seminars confront the leading issues in healthcare that cut through the compartmentalization of laws and regulation and feature the nation's finest experts. Hundreds of organizations have used these events to educate thousands of their healthcare colleagues, staffs and partners on the difficult issues they confront right now or will face very soon.

We are committed to giving business and regulatory professionals the answers and perspective they need when they need them, and we offer customized services and products to meet their organizational goals.

To learn more about Melamedia LLC, call (703) 704-5665 or send us an email at dmelamed@melamedia.com.

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