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20 Years Ago in Health Information Privacy/Security Alert: January 1999:
Maine Freaks Out

Fear of litigation stymied implementation of Maine’s comprehensive medical records confidentiality law that went into effect
on Jan. 1, 1999.
The new law generated complaints from families who were prevented from checking on the condition of
their relatives. That prompted Gov. Angus King (R) to sign emergency legislation to delay implementation of the law.
Maine Hospital Association said that despite educational efforts, hospitals relied on conservative interpretations presented
by their attorneys. The law-imposed fines of up to $50,000.

The experience affected Washington where the Senate was trying to craft a comprehensive medical privacy law and HHS
was pondering HIPAA privacy rules if Congress failed to enact legislation.

Headlines from the January 2019 Edition
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  • HIV Privacy Lawsuits Survive Challenges by Healthcare
    A federal district court in Ohio refused to dismiss a breach case involving HIV status and ruled that patients did not have to name people who actually saw protected health information...

  • Common Rules Changes on Consent Now in Effect
    New requirements under the Common Rule – including those with some HIPAA implications went into effect on Jan. 21s...

  • Shutdown Delays HIPAA Work
    Whenever the government shutdown ends, HHS has plans on making some changes to ....

  • Privilege Not Always Absolute; That May Be Bad
    TThe doctor-patient privilege was not absolute under Rhode Island’s Confidentiality of Health Care Information Act...

  • HHS Cyber Guide Gives Hints on Enforcement
    HHS issued cybersecurity guidance that can provide a template for assessing potential partners and vendors as well internal operations...

  • Managing Without a Patient ID Is Still a Struggle
    When unique patient identifiers were first conceived as part of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions, it was a no-brainer ...

  • HIPAA & Breach Enforcement Stats
    Health plans report 13 major HITECH breaches in fourth quarter of 2018 ...
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