Some Headlines from Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

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Headlines from the October 2018 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • Patient Consent Still Needed in New Opioid Law
    Efforts to ease sharing of data stripped during congressional negotiations...

  • Most Medicaid Breaches Affect Only 1 Person
    GAO finds that most problems stem from misdirected faxes, misaddressed mails...

  • FDA Broadens Cybersecurity Program for Medical Devices
    HIPAA compliance officers may have new tools to help ensure new equipment purchases ....

  • FOIA - Not HIPAA - Governs Access to ICE Medical Records, Court Says
    Immigration agency fights release of records on death of detainee...

  • Apple Litigation May Affect Healthcare Use of Smart Phones
    Court allows law suit challenging company's software updates...

  • Claims of "Garden Variety" Emotional Distress May Waive Some Med Privacy in Court
    Emotional distress claims may not waive psyche privilege, but may open other parts of record ...

  • HIPAA & Breach Enforcement Stats: A Closer Look at Desktops
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