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863 Entities Forced to Change due to Complaints in All of 2017

OCR received 171,161 complaints as of Dec. 31, indicating that
it received 1,951 patient complaints in December compared to
1,889 in November and 2,146 in October, according to an analysis
of OCR statistics by HIP/SA.

The figures indicated that OCR resolved 167,252 complaints. Of
those, only 37,023 fell within its jurisdiction. Of those within OCR’s
jurisdiction, 25,637 required some action by a Covered Entity or
Business Associate (BA).

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10 Breaches Account for 72% of All HITECH Victims Through
January 2018

The top 10 HITECH breaches accounted for approximately 72.6%
of all patients affected by such incidents from September 2009
through January, 2018, according to an analysis by HIP/SA.

About 177 million patients were affected by breaches, and the top
10 affected 128.7 million of them. Four of the top 10 involved Business
Associates (BAs).

The top 20 breaches affected about 81% of all patients resulting
from all 2,207 major breaches.

The Worst Year: 2015, about 113.3 million patients were victims.

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