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Breach Statistics for December 2017

OCR received 27 new reports of breaches in the previous
month compared to 37, according to a HIP/SA.
analysis of OCR data ending Dec. 17.

The number of total breaches reported in the last 24
months remained at 390. The number of archived breach
reports was 1,760 as of Dec. 17 compared to 1,733 as
of Nov. 17.

OCR archives breach reports older than 24 months but
does not say how many of those newly archived reports
have been resolved by OCR. Since HITECH breach reporting
began, OCR reported that there have been 2,150 incidents
affecting 176,414,174 patients as of Dec. 17.Business Associates accounted for 24 of the most recently
reported breaches compared to 25 breaches a
month earlier.

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Referrals to DoJ Jump in October

OCR received 167,321 complaints as of Oct. 31, indicating that it
received 2,146 patient complaints in October compared to 1,898 in
September, 2,350 in August, according to an analysis of the agency
statistics by HIP/SA.

OCR referred 656 complaints to the Department of Justice (DoJ)
for possible criminal prosecution. That suggested that the agency
made 13 referrals in October compared to five in September and
four in August. That appears to be the single most referrals OCR
has made to DoJ since enforcement in at least 10 years.

OCR had no comment or explanation for the jump in referrals in

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