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HIPAA & Breach Enforcement Statistics for August 2017

Approximately 174,792,250 people have been affected by
1,996 HITECH breaches through July 17, according to an
analysis by Health Information Privacy/Security Alert of data
released by the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR).
That suggested that 40 newly posted breaches affected
approximately 802,896 patients in the incidents reported
from June 18 through July 17.

The lion’s share of all compromised records was stored
or found on network servers.

Patient Complaint Levels Hover Around 2,000 per Month

OCR received 158,834 as of June 30, indicating that it received
1,960 patient complaints in June. The number of complaints
seems to be hovering around 2,000 per month as the agency
received 2,151 complaints in May and 2,552 in March,
according to an analysis of the OCR statistics by
Health Information Privacy/Security Alert.

The figures indicated that OCR resolved 156,467 complaints.
But of those, only 36,545 fell within its jurisdiction. Of those,
25,257 required some action by a Covered Entity or Business
Associate. That suggested that 90 complaints required some
action in June, compared to 98 in May and 83 in April.

Full Version of HIPAA and Breach Enforcement Statistics

HIPAA and Breach Enforcement Statistics provides monthly updates on HHS's efforts to enforce the HIPAA privacy and security regulations and the HITECH Act breach notiification requirements based on the raw data provided by the HHS Office for Civil Rights.

The statistics include analyses of the privacy and security complaints lodged with the Office for Civil Rights and the statistics and analyses of the HITECH Breach reporting data.

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