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New Webinar on Demand: The Hidden World of OCR's HIPAA Enforcement -- May 24, 2018

Headlines from the May 2018 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • EHRs Have Not Made Access to Records Easier for Many Patients, GAO Says
    Vendors, providers blame use of multiple and legacy systems, errors in...
  • FDA Medical Device Plans Stresses Cybersecurity, But Makes No Mention of Privacy
    New strategy reflects fractured regulatory regime governing the confidentiality of health data for consumers...

  • Trump Administration Plans to Relax Some HIPAA Requirements
    Proposals would ease data sharing with family, presume compliance with ....

  • Blood Samples Not Considered Information Under Minnesota Law
    State appeals court rules that sample by itself says nothing about a...

  • Former OCR Officials Explain Most Common Reasons for Small HITECH Breaches
    OCR has published little data on the types causes of breaches affecting fewer than 500 patients...

  • Employers Must Be Careful in Making HIPAA Accusation
    A state appeals court says management can rely on good faith belief if no malice is shown...
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The Hidden World of OCR’s HIPAA Enforcement The Hidden World of OCR’s HIPAA Enforcement

Former OCR officials explain how actions on small breaches, rejected patient complaints and technical assistance are shaping the HIPAA enforcement environment, the lessons gleaned from these actions and how you can use that information to improve your compliance and BA contracts.

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Best Practices for Sharing Patient Data with Law Enforcement - On Demand Best Practices for Sharing Patient Data with Law Enforcement - On Demand

60-minute webinar discusses HIPAA compliance response to inappropriate arrest of Salt Lake City nurse and other new pressures to share PHI with law enforcement, including discussion of the effects of the immigration debate and battle against opioid epidemic.
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