Headlines from Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

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Headlines from the March 2018 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • Going Overboard with HIPAA Can Be a Reason to Fire an Employee
  • HHS Signals Renewed Emphasis on Patient Access to Records
  • NJ Opioid Case May Generate Confusion for HIPAA Workforce
  • What OCR Sees as Recurring Issues
  • TCPA Exception for Healthcare Upheld
  • Flu Shot Reminders Do Not Violate TCPA
  • Stark Exception for Cybersecurity Sought
  • SEC Issues Cybersecurity Guidance
  • Top 5 Reasons for HITECH Breaches Have Changed Since 2009
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Headlines from the February 2018 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • HITECH Breaches Also Spell Big Trouble for Covered Entities
  • 14th Amendment Protects Even Innocuous Health Information
  • "Live Access” to EHRs Not a HIPAA Right
  • Court Recognizes Victim’s Advocate Confidentiality Right
  • Medical Records Fees Still Controversial
  • Simply Posting on Social Media May Reveal Health Status
  • HIPAA Does Not Always Lead to Sealed Court Records
  • Med Debt Is Same as Consumer Debt in California
  • OCR Goes After Another Closed Entity
  • GINA Privacy Cases Are Rare at EEOC
  • What OCR Looks for in Protecting ePHI
  • Breach and HIPAA Enforcement Stats