Headlines from Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

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Headlines from the January 2018 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • Contract with BA as Costly as an OCR Resolution Agreement
  • CMS Clarifies When Texting Is Banned
  • Court Case Reveals How TCPA Inspires TPO Consent under HIPAA
  • Conn. Finally Recognizes Common Law Right to Doctor-Patient Privilege
  • Part 2 Rule Raises Issue over EHR Influence; Software Constraints Limit Advisory
  • Trump Delays Action on Sharing HIPAA Fines
  • OCR Offers Travel Checklist for Data Security
  • Common Rule Delayed for 6 Months & Maybe a Year
  • HIPAA & Breach Enforcement Stats: Unauthorized Access/Disclosure
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Headlines from the December 2017 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • FDA Guidance Shows How Med Device Makers Can Help with HIPAA Risk Assessments
  • FDA Updates Its Approach to Healthcare & Medical Software
  • Case Examines Whether Action was a HIPAA Violation or Diligent Nurse Going Above and Beyond
  • Lawsuits on EHRs Grow and Affect HIPAA Programs
  • Device Rep Can Be in O.R Without Explicit Patient Approval
  • MO High Court Limits Records Request Scope
  • FDA Guide on 3-D Printing Cites Cybersecurity Concerns
  • Social Media Posts on Mental Health Not Protected
  • Nev. Court Says Psych Records Protected
  • Breach and HIPAA Enforcement Stats: A Closer Look by State