Headlines from Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

Headlines from the March 2017 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • HIPAA Compliance Could Benefit from Using US-CERT, OCR Says
  • HIPAA Compliance Not Like to Change Under New HHS Leaders
  • Court Decision Reveals Limited Privacy in Hospital Common Areas
  • State Medical Boards Have Right to Patient Records
  • Better Way to Assess Patient Access to Records Needed
  • Breach Case Proceeds Despite Questions over Harm
  • ACA Raises Privacy Concerns for Young
  • Court Takes Nuanced Look at Doctor-Patient Privilege
  • Latest 30 HITECH Breaches Affect More than 1 Million

Headlines from the February 2017 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • U.S. Appeals Court Blocks Ban on Doctors Talking About Guns
  • Patients Have Right to Quality Data in Florida
  • Court Addresses Need to Investigate Before Suing Ex-Employees
  • Judge Says FTC Rule May Govern Healthcare Calls to Patients
  • FTC Fines Smart TV Maker over Privacy, Acting Chairwoman Signals Plans for Commission
  • Trump Delays Part 2 & Research Rules
  • OCR Continues Assertive Enforcement
  • Near Record Number of HIPAA Patient Complaints in January

Headlines from the January 2017 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • Analysis of CES: Market Continues to Put Stress on Health Privacy Regulations
  • FDA Cyber Guide May Be First Step into Consumer Products
  • State Supreme Court Says De-Id Data Not Protected in S. Dakota
  • Federal Court Says Tangible Harm Not Needed to Sue under FCRA
  • Government-wide Changes to Common Rule Affect Patient Consent and HIPAA Management
  • Substance Abuse Rules Changes Ease Flow of Data Among Providers
  • OCR Forced to Issue Guidance on Sharing PHI with Family, Friends
  • Resolution Agreement Shows that OCR Expects Timely HIPAA/HITECH Reports
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