Headlines from Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

Headlines from the June 2017 Edition
Of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • FDA’s Digital Device Plan Will Affect HIPAA Compliance
  • DHS Issues Warning to Healthcare
  • Keeping Breach Cases out of Federal Court
  • Court Hopes EHRs Reduce Lawsuits
  • 3 Years of Records Is Reasonable, Court Says
  • Draft E-Sign Guide Has HIPAA Implications
  • Selling Insurance Is Not Healthcare
  • NY AG Slams BA with $130,000 Fine
  • A Closer Look at HITECH Breaches by State

Headlines from the May 2017 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • OCR Tries to Capture Attention of Mobile App Makers
  • No Excuses Now for Lacking Backup Systems, Better Security
  • NM Court to Decide if HIPAA Is a Standard for Negligence
  • WI Court Nixes Extra Fees on Records
  • Facebook Not Sharing PHI, Court Says
  • Fake Research Means Tossed Qui Tam Suits
  • Not All Debt Collectors Are BAs
  • Anonymity Not Guarded in All Sex Abuse Cases
  • A Closer Look at BA HITECH Breaches

Headlines from the April 2017 Edition
of Health Information Privacy/Security Alert

  • New OCR Director Is Controversial But Not Because of HIPAA
  • FDA Warning Letters Set Stage for HIPAA Compliance
  • Flu Shot Reminders Don't Violate TCPA
  • FTC May Have Violated LabMD CEO Rights
  • Attorney Referrals to Doctors Are Privileged
  • NY AG Slams Mobile Health App Makers
  • Patient Name, Address Not a HIPAA Issue
  • New Mexico Adopts Breach Notice Law
  • A Closer Look at HITECH Breaches and Paper Records/Films
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